Creating Opportunities for Dialogue and Collaboration of HR Leaders in the Crown Sector in BC


To be a resource to crown corporations, as a trusted and expert source of information, to facilitate collaboration among members on policy and strategic considerations and add value to the members in managing their human resources and labour relations interests.

CCEA works collaboratively with both members and government, to facilitate dialogue on matters of importance to BC’s leaders in ensuring effective, affordable and sustainable human resources and labour relations practices.


The Crown Corporation Employers’ Association was formed in 1994 with the implementation of the Public Sector Employers’ Act, to set and coordinate strategic direction in human resources and labour relations. In 2009, CCEA refocused its resources to meet members’ interests in four main streams of service:

  • Statutory and policy reporting and communications
  • Strategic dialogue
  • Trends and best practices
  • Projects and member services

The Crown Corporations sector is unique within the public sector. There is no other sector with the diverse range of services and operational realities, from large commercial crowns to smaller service delivery and advisory crowns. There is a wide diversity of scale, industry focus and commercial mission of the various members of CCEA.

Within this diversity, there are also shared interests, opening the door to a common dialogue and collaboration among crowns on numerous key issues such as collective bargaining, executive and exempt compensation, and progressive and responsive human resource practices. As a resource to crown corporations, CCEA seeks to establish an effective and innovative voice for critical human resources issues facing the crown sector in BC today.